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A lot can change in 150 years. New discoveries have transformed our world—from the horseless carriage to space travel to the internet.

A lot has changed at Oregon State University over those years, as well. From graduating our first class—two men and one woman—to fully embracing the challenge of how to feed and care for a world population that is expected to exceed 9 billion before we turn 200.

Our land grant legacy continues to thrive as we celebrate pioneering research, economic vitality, stewardship of our resources, and a rich history of contributing to our state, our nation, and the world.

In honor of that 150-year legacy of change and invention, we present a special digital issue of Oregon’s Agricultural Progress with compelling photography, new multimedia content, and more opportunities to engage with readers and share emerging research and discoveries.

This milestone year is an exciting time for our college, for our field branch stations, and for the University as a whole. Personally, as the new Executive Editor of OAP stepping into Peg Herring’s shoes, I am humbled to take part in celebrating our past and awestruck by the possibilities in our future.

This year we will also welcome a new dean to the College of Agricultural Sciences and, under new leadership, will have even more opportunities to consider our past and chart our future.

Yes, a lot can change in 150 years. But some things will always be true. Oregon State University, the College of Agricultural Sciences, and the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station will continue to lead through collaborative innovation. And Oregon’s Agricultural Progress will continue to celebrate and share the amazing diversity of our research, our people, our state, and our community.

In a word, we will always be about progress. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and celebrating this incredible milestone year with this special digital edition.


  1. We have been reading OAP for over 25 years. We are so sad to learn that it will only be available on-line. We will not be reading it anymore. I find reading articles on-line to be very difficult. We are sorry it will no longer be available in hard copy.

    Louise & Dennis Marquering
    (Phone number saved elsewhere by administrator)

    1. Thank you for your longtime support of OAP. Our new website and this unique, commemorative online issue are part of an effort to broaden our reach and find more loyal readers like you. As we build our online content, we will continue to develop the printed magazine and anticipate our next issue to publish in 2019, which we hope you’ll enjoy. Thanks again for being part of OAP.

  2. Thank you, as a former Agricultural Educator, I shall forward your new web-site on to as many as my former students as possible. Charles Ramos

  3. Phillip,

    Like the Marquerings, we are long-time readers and are very disappointed to learn that OAP has become exclusively all-digital.

    With the printed version we were always able to pass it along to our local Library so that countless others might benefit.

    At the least I hope you will provide a pdf version of OAP. Otherwise it will be very clumsy for readers to share curated selections of your content with others.

    I mention this because most of us are so pressed for time, we depend on our friends to find (and then share) new, relevant ‘stuff’ 🙂

    Thanks for listening,


    1. Thank you for your longtime support of OAP. This all-digital issue was a specific effort to celebrate OSU150 and to broaden our reach to find more loyal readers like you. It also allowed us time to create and launch this restyled website with photo-rich, shareable content which will now be updated on a frequent basis rather than only twice a year. Please note, however, that alongside our online content, we will continue to develop the printed magazine and anticipate our next issue to publish in 2019, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

      We appreciate you sharing OAP with your friends and community. All public libraries in Oregon should be receiving a copy of OAP. If one needs their address added to our mailing list, please have them contact us.

      Thanks again for being part of OAP.

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